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Discovering Empty Try/Catch Blocks – Christopher Bennage

Regex in Find dialog in VS.. Of couse! I’ve seen it, but never used it.

I HATE, really, HATE empty try/catch blocks. Almost just as bade are these:

try {
   blah blah;
catch(Exception ex) {
    throw ex;

Now we loose the stack so we don’t really know what happened when the original exception was thrown. 

Discovering Empty Try/Catch Blocks – Christopher Bennage

DVD to Windows Media Video Conversion

I’m thinking of ripping most of our DVDs and then stuffing them away in some deep and dangerous cellar.. Or, you know, in the basement of my in-laws.. 😉

Anyway; I’m considering three options,

  1. Using Nero Recode 2 to rip it all to h264 and AAC Stereo
  2. Using AutoGk (or something similar) to rip it to DivX and MP3 stereo
  3. Using TMPGEnc XPress to rip it to WMV with 5.1 audio

For most films I guess stereo would do just fine, but for some I really want to keep the 5.1 soundtrack. On the other hand; MP4 is a pretty handy format and AAC is not the worst of audio formats. The problem is that the Xbox360 does not understand multi-channel AAC in the MP4 container. If it understood that I would not hesitate at all to go down that path.

I don’t want to rip all my DVDs in two formats and I feel that it is vital that I can watch all my DVDs using the Xbox. Does 5.1 sound really make all the difference? Perhaps I should just rip all the non-effects films using Nero Recode and stereo sound. And keep all the action movies that I want to keep the 5.1 surround sound from.

Another interesting link: Red Herring – AutoMkv

DVD to Windows Media Video Conversion