Monthly Archives: May 2008

Xml processing performance

Derik Whittaker┬áhas been running a series of XPath/XLinq comparions and in his last post he compares the performance of the two. The results were quite interesting and surprising to say the least. XLinq is actually 3 times faster when searching for a value in an Xml document! I haven’t done any performance testing like this myself (I will!), but this looks very promising. In Deriks tests it looks like XDocument loads a little slower that XmlDocument, perhaps that loss is in part what improves the performance when searching? I’m thinking maybe they added “indexes” or something similar in XDocument… Anyway, it looks like XLinq is the way to go when manipulating and searching in Xml documents.

Mono updates

Some exciting news in the open source .net world, Mono, today! Moonlight (aka Silverlight for Linux/Mac) is profile 1.0 complete and the Mono Winforms 2.0 implementation is code complete!

Well done! I really like the Mono project, they are working with Novell and Microsoft to recreate the .Net framework on other platforms than Windows. That’s a good thing in my book. Microsoft, I believe, should contribute more to this.