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Microsoft looks to ‘Mojave’ to revive Vista’s image

Microsoft looks to ‘Mojave’ to revive Vista’s image – SuperSite Blog

While up in Sonoma a few weeks ago, I was finishing off something on my laptop and our friends came into the hotel room. One of them, looking at the laptop said, “that’s beautiful. Is that Mac OS X?” (Qualifier: She is a graphic designer. What can you do?) I said, “no, that’s Windows Vista.” And she replied,” Wow. It’s really nice looking. I heard it was awful.”

I like Vista, I really do. It’s better than Xp in some ways and as good in others. I’ve yet to find something that is worse than Xp.

We Want A Dead Simple Web Tablet For $200. Help Us Build It.

We Want A Dead Simple Web Tablet For $200. Help Us Build It.

I’m tired of waiting – I want a dead simple and dirt cheap touch screen web tablet to surf the web. Nothing fancy like the Dell latitude XT, which costs $2,500. Just a Macbook Air-thin touch screen machine that runs Firefox and possibly Skype on top of a Linux kernel. It doesn’t exist today, and as far as we can tell no one is creating one. So let’s design it, build a few and then open source the specs so anyone can create them.

Yes. That’s it, bring it to me now. Yes. Do this now! :)

Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 – RTM!

Home Server Hacks: Power Pack 1 – Come and get it!

The team is pleased to announce that Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 has been released to manufacturing (RTM) and is now available on the Microsoft Download Center!

So, finally the much awaited Power Pack 1 is finally ready to be downloaded! This download will fix the data corruption bug that’s been haunting WHS for 8 or 9 months now and it enables backup of Vista 64bit clients. And a few other bits as well, but those two I believe is the highlights.

Update processes and “additional software”

So when I turned on my laptop today there was two notifications (actually three; new e-mail); new updates on Windows Update and a new update to Java. The Windows Update process was easy enough, only a few security updates. And the Java update appeared to be simple, but then after clicking “Next” once or twice this screen comes up:


So, what wrong with this screen? Well, what the heck does OpenOffice have to do with an update to Java?! I don’t have OpenOffice, so there is no reason to update it! In fact the check box is checked by default, so if my mom were doing this she would have gotten OpenOffice installed (I presume) without her understanding why…

But alright, I can uncheck the checkbox and proceed to the next screen, where the update begins. This is what greets me:


Man that’s ugly! And “This may take a few minutes” actually took 4 or 5 minutes… Compared to my Windows Update that took maybe 2 minutes…

Java is looking more and more like Real Player or Quicktime… I hate it when companies tries to sell you more than you ask for. Stop it, now, please!

PS: The Java update did not require a reboot, the Windows Update does unfortunately.

Windows Update versus Ubuntu Update

Windows Update versus Ubuntu Update | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report |

The reality? All modern operating systems used as mainstream business and consumer platforms are “works in progress” and require frequent updates to fix bugs and resolve security issues (and occasionally to add features). Many of those bugs and security issues don’t surface until the code gets deployed widely, and even then it sometimes takes detective work to figure out where the actual problem is.

As long as an update process is smooth it doesn’t really bother me if it needs to download 100 or even 500 updates. With my line I’ve got plenty of bandwidth (10Mbit synchronous line), so even the size of the updates doesn’t bother me too much. But if I have to reboot and answer yes to all sorts of questions and there are multiple update processes that bothers me. I wonder if Microsoft allows other (ISVs) to interface with Windows Update? So, could Adobe and Apple use Windows update to update Itunes and Acrobat? Now that would fix a lot of the issues I’ve got with Windows today.

The MobileMe disaster continues: Now it’s not ‘Exchange for the rest of us’ anymore

The MobileMe disaster continues: Now it’s not ‘Exchange for the rest of us’ anymore – SuperSite Blog

Kids, welcome to the halfway house that is Apple software running on Windows. You will never get the full meal deal unless you make the switch. And that, folks, is the unapologetic truth. The truth that reviewers like Pogue will never, ever mention, either because they don’t know (i.e. they don’t really use the systems that most of their readers use) or because they don’t care (they’re promoting Apple and its products).

Oh, but the jesusPhone is still the best thing since sliced bread and it’ll cure cancer next year…

What Makes a Great Developer?

What Makes a Great Developer? – Blog – Added Bytes

They’re very easily bored by repetitive work (see laziness) and spend most of their time ploughing through it looking for an interesting and challenging (and hopefully new) problem to solve. The less time they can spend on the repetitive, the higher the frequency of the challenges.

I found that the quote above most accurately describes me; I hate doing the same thing over and I love learning new stuff. :)