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Using BizUnit with the Business Process Management Scenario

Using BizUnit with the Business Process Management Scenario

This topic will utilize one of the end-to-end scenarios provided with BizTalk Server 2006 and show how you can use the techniques described so far to perform automated functional and performance testing of the solution. This provides a realistic scenario to help determine how the tools and techniques presented in this guide can be used to incorporate testing into BizTalk Server solutions.

A thorough walk through on how to use BizUbit with a large BizTalk solution. I feel that the biggest problem with automated BizTalk testing is the endpoints. I mean, I don’t have an MSMQ, ehm, queue running on my machine… Neither does the guy next to me, but the guy behind me does. What I’m getting at here is this: For unit testing to work you have to isolate the test and for integration tests you have to run in a “as real world as possible” environment. Faking a SAP or Meridio server isn’t easy when doing integration testing… But perhaps you could just use the test environment? I need to think more on this I guess.

Can you read this…

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Somebody has taken the time to break down this text and analyze the heck out of it… Pretty cool!

Petzolds new Turing book

Petzold Book Blog – “The Annotated Turing” Hot Off the Presses!

I am reminded of a short story by John Updike starring his alter-ego, the novelist Henry Beck. Whenever Beck publishes a new novel, he receives a copy in the mail for autographing from a fan in, let’s say, Lansing Michigan. One day Beck finds himself travelling through Lansing and decides to surprise this loyal fan by visiting him at his home. The man is certainly surprised and sheepishly shows Beck a closet full of autographed first editions — not only by Beck but by every other famous American novelist, obviously being stockpiled to fund the man’s retirement.

That’s a pretty funny story! :) Oh, and I want that book! :)

Regular Expressions: Now You Have Two Problems

Coding Horror: Regular Expressions: Now You Have Two Problems

Get a regular expression tool. I don’t stare at regular expressions and try to suss out their meaning through sheer force of will. Neither should you. It’s a waste of time.

Good stuff! :) Regex is cool and at the same time I hate them… 😉 It’s like magic, only not! Below are two of the pages Jeff links to; well worth the read.