Monthly Archives: January 2013

My blog just died and was brought back from the dead!

The other day I noticed that I got an error message when trying to read my blog. Basically it said that the database connection was not behaving and WordPress was unable to load my blog. Auch I thought and started to wonder what could be wrong. The thing is, I run this blog on Microsoft Windows Azure Web Sites, using the WordPress application from their gallery. I have done very little to set it up, apart from the custom domain name. The blog was running on and I setup a CNAME record to point to All fun and games, until the database broke down…

Another interesting tidbit; the database is mySQL and is running in Azure, but it’s operated by ClearDB, not Microsoft. And ClearDB has no integration with the regular Azure control panel. In fact I am still unaware of how to manage my database…

Anyway I went into the Azure portal and had a look at my blog web site; all peachy! The database is listed as a linked resource and all lights were green. So I googled with Bing and came up with one decent answer; the load on the database could be exceeding the allowed load by ClearDB. But how on earth this blog could attain such a load was a mystery to me… So I posted a question of my own on MSDN Forums and fairly soon a representative from Microsoft came back to me suggesting that I contact ClearDB and making them ‘adjust’ the database connections limit. So I filled out their form and waited. In fact I waited 4 days and heard nothing. On Monday I tweeted:


They came back to me and suggested I fill out their contact form again, which I did. This time they came back within the hour and told me that my database had been “de-provisioned by a call that was made from Windows Azure on Thursday, January 10th at 15:21 UTC”! De-provisioned means deleted in my book; not cool!

Long story short, they were able to restore the database into a new database and everything was OK. They are now investigating why this de-provisioning call was made, I sure as heck didn’t make it! And the database is still listed as a linked resource in the Azure portal!

As a side note; since the blog was down anyway and I had to create a new database I finally created my own subscription in Azure, separate from my work subscriptions, to host the blog. Will cost me a bit of money, but feels good to pay for services I use!