New phone! SonyEricsson w910i

front I’ve got a new phone! A SonyEricsson w910i and I like it so far.  Why am I getting a new phone? Because I’ve quit my old job at Synergi Solutions and I’ll be starting at Bouvet come April 1st! That’s why! So I’m dumping my old Nokia E60, which I’ve hated from the day I got it… Hate is a strong word, but I believe it is the only word I want to use about it… Piss-poor battery, hostile UI (as opposed to user friendly) and just to top it off it had some serious memory leaks so it would slow to a crawl every 10-12 days… Only a cold reboot would fix that… Goodriddance!


Anyway! I’m now subscribing to some RSS-feeds (podcasts) and trying out the new Media Manager software that came with the phone. I’ll post some more on that later on, but let me say this: Sony is good at hardware, not software.

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