Norwegian Developers Conference is coming

So I attended MSDN Live today and they revealed that come June a new conference will be started; Norwegian Developers Conferance (NDC?). Great news by itself, but even cooler is the fact that Scott Hanselman is coming! I SO wanna be there! I have to beg my coming employer for permission! :)

The conferance is only a two days event, 17-18th of June I believe, and the first day will be a “standard” conferance sort of thing, ie. talks by various people. And then the second day will be spent focusing on Agile/Scrum development. Not sure what that entails, but it’ll be interesting to see what becomes from it.

No matter; I might have a chance to meet one of my heros, Scott! :) I actually have two heros named Scott!

0 thoughts on “Norwegian Developers Conference is coming

  1. Yes I have, but I’ve not had a chance to watch it all just yet. But I’ m coming to NDC2008 for sure. :)

  2. Conference over *phew*!! A hectic few days. Now we´re gonna start plan next years conference. Will probably move it to a bigger venue. I have a few surprises up my sleeve when it comes to speakers. Hope they´ll land ok.

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