The SSD Power Consumption Hoax

The SSD Power Consumption Hoax : Flash SSDs Don?t Improve Your Notebook Battery Runtime ? they Reduce It – Tom’s Hardware:

Flash-based solid state drives (SSDs) are considered to be the future of performance hard drives, and everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. We are no exception, as we have been publishing many articles on flash-based SSDs during the last few months, emphasizing the performance gains and the potential power savings brought by flash memory. And there is nothing wrong with this, since SLC flash SSDs easily outperform conventional hard drives today (SLC = single level cell). However, we have discovered that the power savings aren?t there: in fact, battery runtimes actually decrease if you use a flash SSD.

Pretty interesting stuff. But perhaps when the fault tolerance issues have been resolved more R&D money will be spent on imrpoving the energy efficiency? I sure hope so.

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