Windows Update versus Ubuntu Update

Windows Update versus Ubuntu Update | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report |

The reality? All modern operating systems used as mainstream business and consumer platforms are “works in progress” and require frequent updates to fix bugs and resolve security issues (and occasionally to add features). Many of those bugs and security issues don’t surface until the code gets deployed widely, and even then it sometimes takes detective work to figure out where the actual problem is.

As long as an update process is smooth it doesn’t really bother me if it needs to download 100 or even 500 updates. With my line I’ve got plenty of bandwidth (10Mbit synchronous line), so even the size of the updates doesn’t bother me too much. But if I have to reboot and answer yes to all sorts of questions and there are multiple update processes that bothers me. I wonder if Microsoft allows other (ISVs) to interface with Windows Update? So, could Adobe and Apple use Windows update to update Itunes and Acrobat? Now that would fix a lot of the issues I’ve got with Windows today.

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