Mass Transit – Part 1 of N – Tim Barcz

This looks interesting! I’ll have to follow the next n parts of this!

This system started small but gradually had increased demands in the form of new features clients wanted added. Pretty soon, when you clicked the save button multiple things were happening; a database row would be updated, an email would be sent, a new file would be written, another status file would be updated. These were all executed when the user clicked the button, therefore every action was a blocking action, the server couldn’t move on until it was done servicing that particular request.

The quote above is from the blog post and sort of sums up my experience with a CMS-like application (Synergi), where we once did a Save, Send Mail, Commit we ended up with something like this after a few years; Save, Mail, Mail, Mail, Update Table X, Update Table Y, Mail, Commit. So a solution, like the one proposed in the blog post, could work very well for Synergi. Interesting.

Mass Transit – Part 1 of N – Tim Barcz

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