Reading Gisle Hannemyrs latest blog post on GoodleAdz I’ve been thinking if there might be something more to this… What if I became a member and had Google Ads on my page? And presumably GoodleAdz has quite a few members; if they’re all looking at my page once a day that will eventually become quite a few pageviews, will it not? I’m not saying this is a good idea, it really isn’t, but interesting thought though…

One thought on “GoodleAdz

  1. people do not join goodleadz.
    it is a scam.
    once his firm went down,during month before christmas, and month later, and he packed it into a little bit different envelope, to steal more money from people.

    he started it again at the end february 2012, but old members are no more active and there is 1300 people who are not able to continue until they pay more money to him.
    membership expired for many old members, and they need to pay new membership, eventhough he did Not calculate lost months of his firm being unactive.

    one of my friend is pursuing law suit against Helge Norman.

    please inform people about Hlege Norman and his lies!

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