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Microsoft looks to ‘Mojave’ to revive Vista’s image

Microsoft looks to ‘Mojave’ to revive Vista’s image – SuperSite Blog

While up in Sonoma a few weeks ago, I was finishing off something on my laptop and our friends came into the hotel room. One of them, looking at the laptop said, “that’s beautiful. Is that Mac OS X?” (Qualifier: She is a graphic designer. What can you do?) I said, “no, that’s Windows Vista.” And she replied,” Wow. It’s really nice looking. I heard it was awful.”

I like Vista, I really do. It’s better than Xp in some ways and as good in others. I’ve yet to find something that is worse than Xp.

Update processes and “additional software”

So when I turned on my laptop today there was two notifications (actually three; new e-mail); new updates on Windows Update and a new update to Java. The Windows Update process was easy enough, only a few security updates. And the Java update appeared to be simple, but then after clicking “Next” once or twice this screen comes up:


So, what wrong with this screen? Well, what the heck does OpenOffice have to do with an update to Java?! I don’t have OpenOffice, so there is no reason to update it! In fact the check box is checked by default, so if my mom were doing this she would have gotten OpenOffice installed (I presume) without her understanding why…

But alright, I can uncheck the checkbox and proceed to the next screen, where the update begins. This is what greets me:


Man that’s ugly! And “This may take a few minutes” actually took 4 or 5 minutes… Compared to my Windows Update that took maybe 2 minutes…

Java is looking more and more like Real Player or Quicktime… I hate it when companies tries to sell you more than you ask for. Stop it, now, please!

PS: The Java update did not require a reboot, the Windows Update does unfortunately.

» One year later, Vista really is more secure | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report | ZDNet.com

I like Vista. I really do. It runs quite fast, looks good and has much better security than XP ever will have. My fiance calls it “cool” and when she had a look at Ubunto 7.10 she called it “old fashion”… Interesting!

Anywho, I just rediscovered Ed Bott, he’s writing some seriously interesting stuff. Recommended.

Link to » One year later, Vista really is more secure | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report | ZDNet.com